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Where did Channel 12 go?
Webster Cable Access digital channels have moved again! Time Warner Cable recently relocated the digital channels for both the Town and School District. Here is how to find us now:

  1. If you have a cable box or DVR, there is no change. Cable Channels 12, and 15 will be in exactly the same place as they always have been.
  2. If you don’t have a cable box, and the cable line runs directly into a TV, you will have to do a channel rescan. Check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to do this. Once you have completed the scan, Cable 12 (Town) will be on Digital Channel 5.12, and Cable 15 (School) will be on Digital Channel 5.15.
If you have any trouble finding us, please call 872-6277.

Webster Community Access Television (WCA-TV) is a community television station that broadcasts:
  • Entertainment
  • Government meetings
  • Informational programming
  • Local events
  • Religious services on Sundays
  • Special Reports

Community Calendar

Community announcements can be submitted via phone call: 872-6277 or email:


Cable television services are available from the Time Warner Cable (TWC) corporation to residents of the Town and Village of Webster.

The local cable access channels are Channel 12, WCA-TV and Channel 15, WETV. Programming for these channels includes cablecasting of Town, Village and School Board meetings, school sports and activities and many other various segments of local interest.

In January 1993, the Webster Community Access Station became an official department of the Town of Webster. The Webster School District oversees Channel 15, which broadcasts school-related events, including live sports.

Members of the Webster Community may receive training in the use of basic video, audio and editing equipment, free of charge, in order to produce or aid in the production of Webster programming. Anyone interested in participating in local cable access programming should call the WCA-TV studio at 872-6277, or send an e-mail message to


Funded by the Town and Village of Webster using a portion of the cable franchise fee, WCA-TV is committed to providing the best possible community television to Webster residents. Free equipment and training is provided to ensure that much of WCA-TV programming remains "by Webster residents, for Webster residents."