Webster Youth Leagues

Northcoast Travel Basketball League

Northcoast travel basketball is only open to 3rd – 8th grade students who reside within the Webster School District.  Travel basketball is a major commitment including two nights of practice per week, weekend games and tournaments in and out of Monroe County from mid October to early March. This level of basketball requires prior experience and well developed skills. Tryouts are conducted and evaluated by Northcoast, local high school, and college coaches. The approximate player fee is $250.00 to $325.00.   All candidates are notified within two weeks of last tryout.   It is recommended that players attend both tryout dates.  

Webster Basketball Association League

The Webster Basketball Association (WBA) is an house basketball league for grades 1-8.  League play is broken up by gender and into 1-2 league, 3-4 league, 5-6 and 7-8 league for boys and a 5-8 league for girls. When WBA begins in November, all players participate in skills and drills to learn more about the game before game play begins. Players in the 1-4 grade league play for one hour on Sundays beginning in early November. 30 minutes of drills and 30 minutes of game time. Players in the 5-8 grade leagues are assigned practice one time per week at a Webster elementary school and play for one hour on Sundays from December until early March. Championships for each league in the 5-8 division are crowned the last weekend of play.