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Nov 13

Webster 2019 Budget Passed

Posted on November 13, 2018 at 8:31 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

On Thursday, November 1st the Webster Town Board unanimously passed the 2019 Budget after a couple minor amendments. The passing of the budget was the final step in a five month process of meetings with Department Heads and open public hearings with residents of Webster.

The $25 million budget has a seven cent tax rate increase for Town of Webster residents, bringing the tax rate from $5.10 to $5.17. Residents inside the Village of Webster will see their tax rate go from $4.55 to $4.70, a fifteen cent per thousand increase do to many factors affecting the Village tax rate and services provided to the Village.

The Town Board has taken a lot of time to make sure every department within the budget is adequately funded to provide first class services to all residents of Webster. We are confident that this budget will serve the Webster residents well in providing governmental services to you for the entire 2019 year.

Of course there was one resident that suggested that I blather on about the low taxes in Webster when he proclaims that we are losing out on doing street lighting projects in the town, a wide ranging sidewalk plan, and other non-emergency  items in Webster because taxes are too low here.   

In other words he would like to raise taxes to the heights of other towns who have much higher tax rates with police departments like Irondequoit at $6.51, Greece at $6.32 or Gates at $ 6.10 to provide, in his opinion, services needed by Webster residents, when programs already exist to provide street lighting, sidewalks to Webster residents that want these services in their subdivisions.

The Town Board and I are very proud of having the lowest tax rate with a police department of the other five towns that have police departments in Monroe County.

Add to that 1,400 acres of open space, 11 town parks, Webster Park with 532 acres, and 28 miles of trails in Webster I think Webster residents would agree that this is a bargain in your town tax rate compared to other towns with police departments, in my opinion.

I believe low taxes matter in growing a community and I also believe that residents of Webster are better at spending their own money instead of government taking your money for fund balance growth or a rainy day fund for future use. You work hard for your money and I, as your Supervisor, only want what it takes to provide the services necessary to make Webster government run efficiently with the $25 million necessary in our town budget.

The 2019 Budget is now put to bed but it will not be long before the Webster Town Board will be working on the 2020 budget come June of 2019.

As always, if you have any questions about your town government, please feel free to contact me during regular business hours at (585) 872-7068; or email me anytime at  

Ronald W. Nesbitt


Oct 22

Clarification of Misguided Information

Posted on October 22, 2018 at 10:21 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

At the 2019 Budget Public Hearing on Thursday night, a question was asked about the Recreation Department closing the Wrap Around Program and the Before and After school program. To clarify, the Town is NOT closing the Wrap Around Program, which is a summer time program, which allows parents to drop off their children early in the morning and stay late in the day after their daytime programs are complete.

This program, in the 2018 budget, had a budget number of A7020.10095 for $65,000, and zero in that line for 2019 because we moved that expense into the Seasonal Personnel line (A7020.10097) and increased that line item from 2018 at $58,000 to $94,000 for 2019.  The revenue for the Wrap Around Program in 2018, line A210.02010, was $125,000, and for 2019 that revenue was moved to line item A210.02003 and increased from 2018 at $140,000 to $230,000 in 2019.

Now the Before and After School program is being dropped by the Recreation Department, due to the ongoing difficulty in finding qualified counselors that would pass background and drug tests necessary to provide care to children, and also the fact that attendance for these programs had dropped to below twenty kids in the morning and less than fifteen in the afternoon.  So the budget line item A7020.10110 expenses for $32,000 and also budget line A7020.40233 for $4,200 for Before and After School Supplies are going to zero in 2019 and the revenue line from 2018 line item A21002042 for $60,000 is also going to zero in 2019.

This makes the loss of revenue for the Before and After Care Program as a negative $27,400 for the 2019 budget cycle. The Wrap Around Program is still in the 2019 budget for Webster residents to use for their children in the before and after summer programs. It is a very popular program and we are excited to continue this long standing program.

The decision to drop the Before and After School Program was made before the Webster Central School District announced their new time changes for 2019. In speaking within the last couple of days with Superintendent Gumina, the Webster School District will be adding Before and After School Programs in their schools in 2019.

The Town of Webster’s Parks & Recreation Department will not be losing $80,000 in profits from the 2019 Budget as was alleged on social media. The total Recreation revenue in 2018 was $860,600. In 2019, that revenue is projected to be $837,600, for a decrease of $23,000, which accounts for the Before and After Care Program.

If you have questions about the 2019 Town of Webster Budget, please contact me or any of the Town Board members for accurate information. 

We also encourage you to attend the next Meet & Greet event where you can come discuss the budget with us, along with any other matters. Additionally, the School Superintendent and School Board members will be there to answer any questions related to the change in start times or other concerns. The next Meet & Greet event is on Monday, October 29th from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Webster Public Library.

As always, if you have any questions about your town government, please feel free to contact me during regular business hours at (585) 872-7068; or email me anytime at  

Ronald W. Nesbitt


Oct 15

Town’s 2019 Budget Hearing

Posted on October 15, 2018 at 8:55 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

On Thursday, October 18th, is the Public Hearing on the 2019 Webster Town Budget. The meeting will be held in the Town Board Meeting Room located in the Justice Court Building at 7:30 p.m.

If you have questions or concerns about the proposed budget, this would be the time and your opportunity to ask the Town Board.  After tonight, the final adoption of the 2019 Webster Town Budget will be held on Thursday, November 1st at 7:30 p.m. in the same location.

Corner of Ridge Road and Hatch Road Development

Lately it seems that regardless of the type of development (a residential subdivision or a commercial development), some residents are not happy with any type of growth in Webster.  Whether its location, traffic, trees being removed or environmental issues, they do not want development to take place.  This is a “double edged sword” as there are laws in this country that protect the rights as a homeowner with land ownership, and those same laws protect the rights of someone trying to build on land that is zoned appropriately.

In the case of the property at Ridge Road and Hatch Road, this piece of property has been zoned commercial since 1968 when I, and others, took hayrides from the land owner at that time. The current owners, three gentlemen who have owned this property since 2001, understood when they purchased it that it was zoned for commercial development and have paid their town, County, and school taxes accordingly.  They also understood it was zoned for a commercial development and took the time and effort to market the property as such for 17 years.

Just like any homeowner on Eastwood Circle, Knobel Drive, or Cedar Rock there was time and effort put in to explore where you wanted to invest your home ownership monies. In your investigation of the area you would have discovered that the corner piece of property is in the commercial corridor of the Webster Comprehensive Plan and subject to a commercial business going onto that site.

Now that the property owners have found a tenant that meets the requirements of the Town of Webster’s Comprehensive Plan, many residents in the area of Hatch Road are against the project.  They have raised their voices against town government for not protecting their home ownership rights or doing something to stop the project.

Many have even suggested using the vacant K-Mart building as an alternative site.  This is a good suggestion, however the K-Mart building is privately owned and has already been rented (the name of the new tenant has not been announced yet by the developer).  Another option that was voiced is the site of the former Rite-Aid, just purchased by Walgreens.  They have yet to contact the town over their thoughts on that property which is, once again, privately owned and not up to the town to just place a business there. 

The owners of the property at Ridge Road and Hatch Road made an investment back in 2001 on properly zoned commercial land.  They are now exercising their rights to sell the land to a commercial business. You and I might not like it, but it is permitted under the law.  If the town denied them on the grounds of zoning, the Town of Webster would be sued.

Now if the land was not zoned commercial and it was zoned for residential homes, I guarantee that there would be the same outcry and there would still be the same problems currently talked about. There would still be perceived traffic issues, trees being removed, environmental concerns, and the location on Hatch Road and Ridge Road would still be an issue.

As always, if you have any questions about your town government, please feel free to contact me during regular business hours at (585) 872-7068; or email me anytime at  

Ronald W. Nesbitt