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Aug 06

Xerox Reconfirms My Thinking

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 4:01 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

Just last week it was announced by Xerox that the Xerox Tower which was built in 1968 for $27 million was sold by Xerox for $40 million to Buckingham Properties. This 800,000 square foot building works out to be $50.00 a square foot to the Xerox Corporation.

I am very happy to see that Xerox settled on $50.00 per square foot to sell the tower and would hope they would see that the Webster complex is worth just as much to them. To be asking the Webster taxpayer to pick up a larger share of the tax bill on the Webster complex because they want to drop the current assessment from $15.00 per square foot to $5.00 a square foot just does not match up with the sale in the City of Rochester.

As your Supervisor I am a simple man only looking at the numbers in a logical fashion as anyone would do.  What I continue to see over and over again is that Xerox sells buildings, land, and other assets at today’s market values but then turns around and contests its assessment here in Webster as being too high. This continues to cost you the taxpayer in legal fees and other costs associated with defending the value put on the Xerox complex. The town, school district, village, county and fire districts who all have a stake in this will suffer with higher tax rates if Xerox is successful again in lowering its assessment. So that means a Webster taxpayer could get hit with at least four, and I repeat four different and higher tax bills if Xerox’s assessment is changed downward again.

On top of that Xerox then wants tax breaks to build new buildings here in Webster because they convinced other government agencies that employment will increase. Take a look at July 25th when COMIDA approved tax breaks on an addition to the toner plant here in Webster and 25 new employees would be hired as part of the tax break package. Just 26 minutes later in a Democrat and Chronicle article written by Matthew Daneman, “ Sales were up slightly for Xerox Corp. in its most –recent quarter, but profits dropped and the company, which has been cutting its head count, plans to trim even more.” Please explain to me Xerox, how employment here in Webster is being expanded? Anyone want to bet lunch, that we will again see headlines in the coming months, before year’s end, about more Xerox layoffs? In reality it is all smoke and mirrors to just get Webster taxpayers to pay more for the high corporation greed dealing with higher profits and salaries to corporate officers.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt