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Dec 23

Governor Cuomo Committed to Cutting Taxes But Forgets How to Cut Spending

Posted on December 23, 2013 at 11:15 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

The latest volley by our esteemed governor is that local governments need to do more to limit property taxes in New York. Well, I guess the Governor has not looked at the Town of Webster where we have only had two tax increase years out of the last seven.

The governor’s new tax commission recommends that we would have a two year property tax freeze if the town and local government stay within the property tax cap of two percent. Also, in year two, the freeze would be in place if local governments also seek to consolidate services.

All the while the governor wants local government to stay under the tax cap but he has done nothing in regards to one of town’s largest expenses: pension costs. He continues to give tax breaks to companies for ten years if they move to New York and who does he think is paying for the services needed for these companies to relocate here in New York?

In the last ten years, $46 billion in the way of tax dollars has left New York State because of the highest taxes in the nation right here in New York State. Monroe County also ranks among the highest in the nation in property taxes compared to household incomes and the governor talks about local government when state government is the real problem.

We are in debt here in New York State by over $3,000 per man, women and child and the governor talks about local governments need to do more to lower Webster’s tax rate of $4.49 per thousand. Are you kidding me?

Your Webster government does consolidation of services all the time with the Village of Webster, surrounding towns and Monroe County.  Now if he is talking about the Webster Village consolidating with the town to save money, that is not up to the town that is up to the village residents to vote on something like that. Why should the town be punished under his new plan when the decision is out of the hands of the town?

We need real tax reform here across the board with income tax and property taxes both being lowered along with spending cuts which allow us to live within our means. Anything else is just smoke and mirrors to shift taxpayer’s monies to make New York State look good before election.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt