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Jul 21

Stone and Oil of our Town Roads

Posted on July 21, 2014 at 12:28 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

It is summer time again and that means the Webster Highway Department will be out oiling and stoning some of the town roads as part of our maintenance program.  This procedure is done throughout the state as the best solution to maintaining our town roads so they do not completely fall apart.

The Highway Department started this project last week and my phone has been ringing off the hook on why we have to do this nasty procedure on residential streets here in Webster. Believe me, it is not exactly what we want to do, but it makes the most sense, dollar and cents wise,  in savings to the taxpayer and the Highway budget.

The cost to do a complete restoration of a town road is around $10.00 per square foot; to do a mill and pave of a town road is in the $7.00 a square foot range, and the oil and stoning of a road cost $.14 cents per square foot. As you can see the town gets more done for your tax dollar by using oil and stone. Also, by using oil and stone we can get seven to eight years out of a road before we have to repeat the procedure in future.

In one of my phone conversations this past week I heard about all the taxes this one resident paid and how dumb it was that the Town of Webster used this method. He said for his $10,000 in tax dollars he should get new paving. Well, I informed him that 63% (or $6,300) of his tax bill went to the Webster Central School District, 25% (or $2,500) went to Monroe County and 12% (or $1,200) went to the Town of Webster to which the Highway Department is 21% net of revenues to which he paid $252 toward his highway bill. This pays for snow plowing, highway maintenance and anything else highway does in regards to town roads here in Webster. In my opinion this is a very nominal price to pay for a great town service. 

We understand that residents dislike this procedure but we try as hard as we can to make the oil and stoning a pleasant situation. Take into account that most residents in town with asphalt driveways oil or seal their driveway every couple years to ensure the longevity of their investment.  The practice used by the town is basically the same principle.

Within a week of oiling and stoning we send out the sweeper trucks to pick up any loose stones and we do this many times after we put down the application.  

I am sure my explanation of the oil and stoning still is not going to please some residents but it is the most cost effective way the town has to maintain our town roads without raising taxes to an unmanageable level here. 

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Ronald W. Nesbitt