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Oct 06

2015 Town Budget Moves on to Final Adoption

Posted on October 6, 2014 at 3:00 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

At the Town Board meeting held last Thursday, Town Board held its Preliminary Budget hearing on the 2015 town budget, and no comments were heard from the public. However, as I was going around town this weekend, I was stopped by one gentleman who wanted to know when taxes in Webster would be lower. With that in mind, I will attempt to show Webster residents that while some think Webster taxes are high in comparison to other towns with a police department,  Webster is last in that category.  The chart below shows seven towns in Monroe County that have a police department and their combined school, town and county tax totals, all at 100% assessment even through Webster is not at 100%, at this time.

Town           School     Town Tax  Total County  =   TOTAL

Irondequoit (East) $28.93                $6.52            $8.21              $43.66

Irondequoit (West)$27.58                $6.52            $8.21              $42.30

Brighton                $25.93                $5.34            $8.26               $39.53

Gates                     $25.37                $6.18            $8.36               $39.91

Ogden                    $24.79                $5.69           $8.55                $39.03

Greece                   $23.55                $6.34            $8.29               $38.18

Webster                 $21.35                $4.13            $8.45               $33.93

As you can see, Webster ranks last in combined tax rates here amongst the seven towns

So again, if someone says to you why Webster are taxes so high, you will now have the accurate information to inform other residents that Webster taxes are really lower than other towns in Monroe County and living in Webster is not about high taxes in comparison.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt