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Nov 07

Webster Housing in High Demand

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 11:10 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

In the last couple of years the Town Board has heard quite often how building too many senior housing projects was taking away from family housing. The Town Board has steadfastly denied these outrageous rumors and an article in the Democrat and Chronicle just last week bares this thinking out.

According to the Rochester Home Builder’s Association, Webster topped all Monroe County towns for the first three quarters of 2014 in the number of new building permits issued. There were 71 permits for single family homes and 97 permits for multiple family dwellings through September, 2014. Along with the commercial growth of Dairy Queen, Buffalo Wild Wings, Wendy’s and L.A. Fitness, the Town of Webster continues to grow at what I call a steady growth pace.

You need some growth in assessment to offset the additional expense in the town budget. Without some growth in assessments you would then need to cut services or raise taxes to continue to provide the same level of services.

Wendy’s Starting Construction Soon

Wendy’s had their Project Review with the town last week and they are all set to start construction. They plan to move equipment onto the site in the next week and get started on the new Wendy’s. Construction should be completed in the spring after the asphalt plant opens so they can then pave the parking lot.

Leaf Pick-UP in Webster

Last week someone distributed a flyer titled “No More Leaf Pick-Up” in the Town of Webster. This statement was purely FALSE.  For clarification: the Town of Webster has, and will continue, to pick-up leaves and compost them for reuse in the spring (as mulch) of the next year.  My thanks to the many concerned residents who called my office to see if this was true, and my apologies to all who received this FALSE information. 

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Ronald W. Nesbitt