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Feb 17

To Blame or Not to Blame … That is the Question

Posted on February 17, 2015 at 9:34 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

This past week I had a resident come in to my office very upset. He stated that he left his County and Town tax bill in the visor of his truck and was two days late in making his full payment. He went to the tax office and was told he had to pay interest for being late and was outraged about this so he sought my office out.

After explaining what he did I told him there was nothing I could do because the County sets the dates and the interest rates. He was furious with me that I could not adjust the interest rate and I was just part of government that did not care about Webster residents. Nothing could be farer from the truth as sometime I cannot do a something about someone’s situation as was the case here.

As I explained, everyone knows that April 15th is federal tax day and if you miss that day,  by even one day, you have to pay interest and penalties. The same applies here in Monroe County with your Monroe County tax bill. The County establishes dates to that all adhere to regarding the STAR program, Enhanced STAR program, and school taxes which the town collects.

Webster town government always strives to help our citizens whenever possible with any problem they might face here at town hall, but sometimes we cannot oblige the residents and the situation is out of our hands.  I hope the resident, after some reflection, realized that the mistake he made was his and not town governments, and the hard time he gave the employees in the tax office and myself was really unnecessary.

Others have made the same mistake and realized it was their mistake and offered up that in the future they would pay more attention to the dates. The employees in the tax office are there to help you but sometimes the language and insults are not reflective of a Webster resident and we could do better.

REMINDER about Fire Hydrants

With the recent snowfall, there is probably a significant amount of snow that may be covering the fire hydrants on your property or the street that you live on. When you are snow blowing your driveway or shoveling out your driveway, please give consideration to shoveling out around the fire hydrant.  This is a crucial service that you can do in case of a fire that will assist our volunteer fire fighters from West Webster or Webster Fire Departments who then will not have to waste critical time doing so when they need water to put out a fire on your street.

It may seem like a small thing to do but it could save a life and it does not take much time to make yourself, and other homes on your street, just a little safer during the winter months. The fire fighters and the Webster Town Board thank you in advance for this selfless jester to keep Webster safe.

If you have any questions about your town government, please feel free to contact me during regular business hours at (585) 872-7068; or email me anytime at  

Ronald W. Nesbitt