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Mar 02

Mailboxes … Hit or Miss

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 3:42 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

Contrary to what some Webster residents may believe, the Town of Webster Highway Department uses mailboxes as guidelines, NOT as targets.  This year has been a very trying year for our plow drivers. We have had a lot of snow and as the plow goes by heavy snow does, and will, take out a weak mailbox.

We have had a lot of disgruntled residents this year demanding that the town replace some very expensive mailboxes because the plows have knocked them down. The town will replace a mailbox with a standard mailbox and single post. The Town of Webster has no obligation to do anything more. As stated on our Town of Webster web site, under the Highway Department, we clearly outline what the town will do when we feel we are responsible for your mailbox being taken down. Your mailbox is in the Town of Webster right-of-way as a courtesy to the Post Office.

As I have said, along with our Highway Superintendent Joe Herbst, the right-of-way in Webster should not have any type of objects, trees, gardens, rocks, etc. in them that will impede the operations and vision of the Highway Department and motorists. The right-of-way serves the purpose of snow storage during the winter months. 

Please take the time to read what the town of Webster will do in case your mail box is knocked down during a snow storm.  Once again, despite what some may suggest, the Town of Webster Highway Department does not do this on purpose. 

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Ronald W. Nesbitt