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Nov 09

Governor … Where is my Check?

Posted on November 9, 2015 at 10:10 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

Last year under the 2% Tax Cap, the Governor had all of the Towns, Villages and School Districts complete forms outlining the shared services we each did to save taxpayer’s dollars.

As President of the Monroe Council of Governments representing the Towns, Villages, and School Districts, we all worked hard to meet the May deadline to report our shared services to New York State. We were to hear by July 31st if any additional information was needed.  As of writing this column, we are still waiting to hear from the New York State if our submissions meet with their approval.

The checks where to be mailed to property owners for the Town of Webster, the Village of Webster and the Webster School District residents because all of us stayed under the New York State imposed Tax Cap for 2014, and we should have receive a check before October 15, 2015. How the state calculates these checks are also a mystery because New York State has yet to inform us as to how the formula is going to be done.

Last year in October, we received a small check based on the Webster Central School District staying under the cap in 2013 (the town was not part of the rebate formula). The check you received last year was small, from $30.00 to $75.00, based on the assessment on your home. Newspaper reports this year state that this year’s checks could range from $150.00 to $300.00 because Webster Town government, Webster Village government, the Webster School District and the County of Monroe did indeed stay under the mandated Tax Cap in 2014.

My question at this time is “Where is my check?” No date has been announced from the Governor’s office on when Webster residents will receive this year’s rebate check. They continue to do these rebates and gimmicks, at the expense of us the taxpayer, but refuse to address the real issues of runaway taxes.  They just announced in June that another rebate program for a $185.00 is to start next year but we have little information on it at this time.

News Flash to New York State: cut payroll taxes, cut income taxes and stop with all these rebates and gimmicks to make it look like you are giving New York State residents a tax break. Residents are leaving New York State in droves because of the high taxes and our young people are moving elsewhere because of high taxes. Wake up Governor and address the real problem this state has and that is high taxes.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt