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Dec 28

Another Month and still No Tax Cap Check

Posted on December 28, 2015 at 8:53 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

As I sit at my desk and write my final column for the year, I am once again reminded that October 15th is long past and I, and the rest of the Webster residents, have yet to receive our Tax Rebate check that New York State promised.

It would have been nice to spend our money on our loved ones at Christmas time instead of New York State once again keeping our hard earned dollars.  After all New York State has no money they get their money from us the taxpayers in the form of payroll taxes and fees. Then the Governor proclaims he is solving the tax problems of New York State by giving us back our own money and calling it a Tax Rebate which he is so proud of. Hey Governor – it is our money to begin with so why not try to take less from our pocket every week so we can spend our money any way we want?

So now we wait again for New York State to finally get their act together and send back our long awaited Tax Rebate check. Your Webster Town Board spent many hours getting together a shared services program that New York State required by May 31st of this year or Webster residents would have not qualified for this Tax Rebate check in the first place. We fulfilled our obligation to New York State and the Webster residents, but New York State has fallen down on keeping its promise of a timely return of our Tax Rebate check.

Now next year there is yet another Tax Rebate check coming and I will take bets now that next year’s check will be on time in October because all of the New York State Assembly members and New York State Senate members are up for election. They surely would not miss an opportunity to tell you that they lowered your taxes to get re-elected now would they?

We need tax reform in New York State or more than a few million more residents will be moving out of New York State in the coming years. We do not need more gimmicks like Tax Rebates, STAR programs (that only benefit residents that own homes), Enhanced STAR; we need to pay less in taxes to New York State.  The state along with Monroe County needs to stop spending our hard earned money on business tax credits like COMIDA.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hopefully sometime next year we all will be surprised when we go to our mailbox and see our New York State Rebate Check sitting there.  Perhaps we can then use it to pay our outstanding Christmas bills or take our loved ones out for a nice dinner.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt