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Aug 15

Senior Housing in Webster

Posted on August 15, 2016 at 9:56 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

I heard it again last week, “I don’t like all the senior housing being built in Webster we are turning in to Irondequoit.” Being considered a senior myself, I cringe when I hear statements like that.  It is as if that person is not going to get old and possibly want to down size to a smaller residence. 

Yes, there has been building of a few senior projects in the last couple of years in the Town of Webster.  This is because residents that have spent years growing a family and paying taxes in the community want to stay in their community and be close to their family and friends. Sometimes a death in a family can lead to a spouse not being able to maintain the current residency and there becomes a need/want for a place that has no yard work and little maintenance. Or sometimes health problems lead to not being able to climb stairs any longer and they need a single level home to live in.

Other times, as in my case back in 2010 when I became sick, I wanted to make sure my wife was not left with the chore of selling a big four bedroom house, or the upkeep of a huge yard and swimming pool. So I set out to make sure her life would have been made easier if something did happen to me (thank God I kicked that cancer!).  We purchased a townhouse in a senior living community and I have never looked back; especially knowing that my wife will be comfortable having this place in the future and living in her hometown of Webster.

Now, we are very fortunate Webster to have two outstanding nursing care communities.  There is Maplewood in the Village of Webster and Cherry Ridge on Ridge Road.  These two facilities take care of residents who are in need of special attention during their later years and both of these facilities do a wonderful job of providing a multitude of caring services so that families do not have to worry about their care all of the time.

We also have CDS on Hard Road and Holt Road that carters to our specially challenged residents, and they also provide a much needed service to our community. Both of the facilities at CDS on Hard and Holt Roads are full, and CDS plans on expanding sometime in 2017 – something that I encourage for Webster.

Last are the complexes, townhouses and apartments, which have been built in Webster to house the seniors who want an active and independent life style. The Legends, located on Holt Road, is almost filled to capacity.  The new project on Hard Road is already at 40% occupancy and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about living there. The townhouse senior projects on Holt Road are completely sold out as is the one on State Road.

Housing in Webster is a balancing act between single family homes and other styles and types of development. As seniors move from their homes to other types of living, this leaves single family homes on the market for first time buyers to start their dream of living in Webster. For someone that wants to build a new home, we still have many new subdivisions being built in town with all types of different houses and price ranges.

So, just remember, when you think that there are too many senior living communities, they too spend money to help our economy and they too need a place to stay.  Just remember, someday you too will become aged and may need this as well.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt