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Sep 18

Housing Development and Revenue Grained

Posted on September 18, 2017 at 11:28 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

Since the west golf course on Salt Road has been put up for sale, there has been much conversation about the value of homes to be built on the 85 acre parcel. At this writing this column, the concept plan has not even been in front of the Planning Board (September 19th) but there are many opinions on the street and around town that vary in many different ways.

One that I heard of was that we should make the developer build $500k homes, with larger lots, that will result in higher taxes on that new homeowner and that would help the rest of Webster taxpayers in the amount of taxes they would have to pay in town, school, and county taxes. Also the larger lot would not produce open space.  The Town of Webster currently has 1,426 acres of open space inventory.

I do not deal in myths or “what ifs” I deal in number facts so let us have the numbers speak for themselves:



 Property Assessed

 Property Assessed

 Property Assessed







Your 2017 Tax Dollar

Per 1,000





School tax






Town tax






County tax






Total tax per $1,000












Cost per student






As you can see a $500k home built on the site would have to pay $19,630 in town, county, and school taxes, not counting special district charges for drainage and around $565.00 in fire district charges. I do not know about you but I am an average homeowner and I would never be able to afford a home like that and pay over $20,000 a year in taxes. What about you? How many residents do you think could in Monroe County?

Besides the fact is in 2017 and 2016 the Town of Webster has built zero homes at $500k or above, and in 2015 we built four; three on the Lake Ontario and one on Irondequoit Bay. As you can also see a $500k home would only collect $12,290 in school taxes and that would not cover the cost of one student in the Webster Central School District. It would take over a $750k home just to break even on one cost per student here in Webster. So the notion that a larger home would pay costs for itself is just nonsense, and more so if you believe people are going to flock to Webster to build $500k to $750k homes that are not located on the water.

I took the time this weekend to stop and talk to new residents at Cistern Mills West and Cistern Mills East on Gravel Road, and the ones that I spoke to are very happy with their homes and love being in Webster. These homes are in the $300k range and they pay approximately $11,778 in town, county, and school taxes. So far 30 homes have been built on Cistern Mills West which resulted in new Webster residents that are happy to be here and be part of our community.

Let’s not be so selective now in Webster that we only want to build $500k homes so that we lock out the average family from enjoying living and being part of Webster, “Where Life is Worth Living”.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt