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Nov 30

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 30, 2010 at 4:20 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

Cutting Health Care Costs

On Monday, November 15th, the Town of Webster joined with several other towns and villages to form what is called the Finger Lakes Municipal Health Insurance Trust (FLMHIT). This organization was created to help deal with the rising cost of health care.

In the last three years, health care costs for a Town of Webster employee has risen between 18% to 20% per year. Based on a $12,000.00 family policy, these increases of $2,400.00 per employee or $360,000.00 per year, have taken its toll on our over-all town budget.

Cooperative purchasing will allow each municipality to take back control of their healthcare premium costs and receive data as to actual utilization of services.

This is the first step to help control the ever-increasing cost of health care coverage and Webster is happy to participate in this Health Insurance Trust.

Happy Thanksgiving

With the Thanksgiving holiday this week and Christmas just one month away, this is the time of the year to be both thankful for what we have, be appreciative of family and friends, and be mindful of others; especially as our national and state economies remain fragile and unemployment is at the highest level in twenty-six years. It is in these uncertain times that beckon all of us to put aside our differences and be supportive of each other.

From my years as a small business owner, Town Councilmember and now as Supervisor, I have always been inspired by the generosity of the Webster community to those less fortunate. This spirit of one neighbor helping another is just part of what makes Webster such a great community.

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the many volunteers throughout Webster who have given of themselves by donating their time, effort, and in some cases financial assistance. This is what the spirit of the holidays is truly about; helping those who truly need help. It would be impossible to list every person and organization, so to all of them please accept not only my sincere appreciation, but also the appreciation of the entire Town Board.

In this season of being thankful, allow me to personally thank some very special people.

To my dear wife Karen, our children and grandchildren; thank you for putting up with my long work hours. Family means everything and you have always been there for me, for which I am so grateful.

I would also like to thank my assistant PattiAnn Schultz for her attention to detail in the daily operation of the Supervisor’s office. Her professionalism, work ethic and wonderful sense of humor is appreciated not only by her co-workers but also the countless number of individuals who have come to Town Hall to visit me during these past four years as Supervisor.

Just a reminder that Webster Town Hall will be closed Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th to allow our employees to spend time with their family and friends for this Thanksgiving holiday.

On behalf of all the employees of the Town of Webster, I wish you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Ronald W. Nesbitt
Webster Town Supervisor