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Mar 26

COMIDA Subsidies

Posted on March 26, 2018 at 12:45 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

The losing Democratic candidate for Webster Town Supervisor has once again came out with more false and misleading information about myself, Patti Cataldi and the rest of the Town Board in regards to COMIDA subsidies. Yet again Mr. Hutchings demonstrated that he has absolutely no knowledge of what he is talking about with regards to running the Town of Webster's business. This is par for the course lately with him on many of his social media rants.

He is correct that since taking office in 2006, I have been outspoken about COMIDA giving away Town tax dollars, before asking the Town of Webster about how we feel about that. So in 2007 I, along with the Town Board and the Town Attorney, came up with a "HOST AGREEMENT" which is a contract between the Town and a developer to pay 100% of Town taxes on the assessed value of the property, forever. Before an applicant gets through the Planning Board process, there is question on the filing form asking if the applicant is seeking COMIDA. If the answer is yes they must meet with the Town Supervisor and Town Attorney for a discussion.

This discussion is about being good community-minded citizens; how it takes a community to pay all of the Town bills, and how it is reasonable that they pay their fair share of taxes annually. The Town Board would like developers to pay 100% of their Town taxes after development is done. Guess what, all but two have approved of this Host Agreement. Thus, regardless what COMIDA does, the Town of Webster is collecting 100% Town taxes on each parcel that is a non-for-profit or seeking relief from COMIDA. You didn't know that did you Mr. Hutchings?

The recent property in question on Publisher's Parkway, which was approved three years ago, has a Host Agreement in place that clearly states that upon competition of the project they will pay 100% Town taxes. This means they will be supporting our Police Department, Highway Department, and Sewer Department just like any other project or house does in town. I have been negotiating Host Agreements since 2007 for the residents of Webster, but I can only negotiate for the Town of Webster in these cases, not the County or School District.

Since putting the Host Agreement into place, I have been asked by surrounding towns for a copy of the Town of Webster's agreement and I have been happy to give it to both Brighton and Penfield. I also received a recent email from the Webster Superintendent of Schools asking me, "How did you do that?" Meaning how did I get COMIDA to stop taking Town tax dollars.

Mr. Hutchings asked, "Who does Nesbitt and Cataldi really represent anyhow?" Well, I can tell you that Patti and I represent the good citizens of Webster each and every day. We work hard for this community and we are always looking for ways to save taxpayer’s dollars. This is just one example of how the Town has saved monies over the years. Webster residents see and understand this and it is why Patti and I continue to get re-elected.  So thank you Webster residents!

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Ronald W. Nesbitt