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Nov 28

Passing the 2012 Budget

Posted on November 28, 2011 at 4:49 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

The Town Board has continued to work on the 2012 Town of Webster Budget since we held our Public Hearing on the budget on October 20th. We had about 13 people speak during the open to the floor portion of the hearing commenting on the budget as it pertained saving the three police officer positions. Their comments ranged from raising taxes to taking money from other departments or laying-off other town employees.

The emails I have received after this meeting have been many and most are in support of making monetary cuts so that the Webster residents do not have a tax increase. Many of the people that emailed me did not come to speak for they did not feel comfortable in expressing their opinion in such a public and televised setting. The Town Board has taken all of the comments under consideration and will present the final budget to the Webster community on WEDNESDAY, December 7, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Board Room, or you can watch it live on Cable Channel 12. Notice that this meeting is on a Wednesday night not our normal Thursday night.

The numbers have not changed a bit since that meeting. Our 2012 Budget is short and we need to make cuts in order to present to the public a balanced budget for 2012. No one at the public hearing commented on the two employees that are not being replaced in the Highway Department or the service hours that are being cut at the Library. During the past four years, we have made financial cuts to various departments budgets; the financial pain is being felt more in the Police Department this year than in years past because the police budget is over 40% of the Town Budget

I understand that some officers and family members are not happy about the downsizing of the Webster Police Department. Let me reiterate that the Town Board is not happy either about making these cuts, but as I walked door to door these past three months I heard from many residents that they cannot afford any more taxes whether it be in town, county, school, or fire district. Many residents are worried about their jobs, about their health care, and whether or not they will have a pension going into the next couple of years with companies here in the Rochester area in deep financial shape. Others talked about companies making major changes to their health care policies where they now are paying more each year or more in higher deductibles. Seniors have not had a raise in their Social Security benefits in two years, while all union and other town employees have had continued to receive increases in town pay and health care benefits. I heard from these seniors, loud and clear, that they where dumb-founded as to why I allow these increases to happen. I then need to explain to them how the union process works and how the Town Board’s hands are tied on some of these issues.

At the October 27th Town Board Workshop, we had a discussion with Chief Pickering where he laid out for the Town Board his proposal on how he is going to manage with 27 officers going in to 2012. The Town Board and the Chief are still working on developing an overtime budget for staffing levels for 2012 keeping within the money we have allocated for the Police Department for 2012.
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Ronald W. Nesbitt
Webster Town Supervisor