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Jan 09

Complaints so far this year ...

Posted on January 9, 2012 at 11:25 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

On the Town of Webster’s website there is a location to contact the Supervisor. The two biggest complaints from residents, so far this year, have to do with dogs and business garbage dumpsters.

Under town ordinances when you take your dog off of your property you are to have the dog on a leash. The bigger complaint I continue to hear is out and around the trial system on Whiting Road and the Gosnell Big Field and Woods. It seems some residents like to take their dogs out for a walk and then let them run around on town owned property. This is first unlawful and second it has made other residents and young kids afraid at times. While you might understand that your dog is kind and friendly others do not have this knowledge and are scared when they have a dog come bounding after them while walking on a trail. So please when going for a walk off of your property with your dog, follow the law and leash your dog. Also please remember to take some plastic bags and pick up after your dog also because it is the right thing to do for other walkers along the trail system.

Another complaint I have received and have even seen this myself is residents using business and other dumpsters for their personal use for dumping garbage and other household use. This is also against the law and if caught you could face an appearance ticket in court. These trash receptacles cost the businesses and municipalities a lot of money each month for the garbage the business generates. They are sized according to the amount of waste the business will throw out each week and priced accordingly. For a resident to take up space inside the dumpster for their personally household waste, will cost the business owner more money each month. This is called “theft of services” and could get yourself an appearance ticket into court if you continue this practice. The Webster Police will continue to look out for this illegal activity plus there are other means available to catch these law breakers so be careful in this kind of activity.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt
Webster Town Supervisor