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Jan 30

Competitive Purchasing/Procurement for the Town of Webster

Posted on January 30, 2012 at 10:23 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

I am often asked by businesses in town on how they can do business with the Town of Webster.  It is not that hard but you must meet the standards and purchasing process set forth by the Town Board and state law.  The Town Board monitors all its invoices very carefully as to watch the pennies when it comes to spending taxpayer’s dollars. When a Town Board member feels an invoice or item paid for is too much, we will then have an inquiry of the Department Head who signed the voucher.


The Town Board wants to and encourages our Departments Heads to do business locally whenever possible, but the business must follow our purchasing processes.


The standard process is that we always get three bids/quotes on any item that will cost the town anything over $500.00; whether it is goods for purchase or a repair.  We then take the lowest quote unless the Town Board has any questions or concerns about the company based on facts we have obtained.


We definitely request quotes for all service contracts the town might use in any given year.  Insurance costs are always sent out to bid to at least three companies to find the lowest cost possible, with the highest quality, to meet our needs for our budget.  Other lower maintenance items like rugs used in all our buildings and uniforms used by our employees are all sent out to bid each year.


Service companies used by our residents, such as refuse collection, pay a fee to the town to do business within the town.  Doing this process allows the town to keep track of who is servicing our residents and also making sure they follow the rules and regulations set forth in the Town Code.  Peddlers selling goods must also get a permit from the town so that we can understand who is visiting our neighborhoods and selling what products to our residents in case any questions arise in the community. 


A prime example of this process is the fact that for many years there has been two towing service companies serving the Town of Webster.  The “dividing line” is Holt Road where one company has the east side of town and the other has the west side of town.  If you are in a motor vehicle accident and you need towing service, the Webster Police will recommend one of the two town contracted companies.  However, you can have anyone you like tow your car from the scene of an accident or from a mechanical break down.  We have two companies to allow competitive competition amongst the many towing companies in the area, plus we have criteria that the town keeps a check of under town policy.  This also takes away any thought that something unscrupulous is happening because we have entertained only one company in town.


If you have a desire to do business with the Town of Webster, please contact the town to better understand our rules and guidelines.


As always, if you have any questions about your town government please contact me during regular business hours at (585)872-7068; or email me anytime at


Ronald W. Nesbitt

Webster Town Supervisor