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Mar 05

How long can we continue like this?

Posted on March 5, 2012 at 10:24 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

I noticed an article this past week in the local papers about Xerox having a job fair for the approximately 500 new Call Center jobs they presently want to hire for Building 200 here in Webster.


These jobs are coming to Webster after much hoopla put forth by the local media and newspapers. First, we had COMIDA holding a Public Hearing here in the Webster Town Hall where Xerox officials stated that coming to Webster was not a "done deal" yet; even if the COMIDA Board approved the $ 250,000.00 in sales tax exemptions on equipment.


After COMIDA passed theses exemptions at their board meeting the next day, the next media blitz was the announcement by the Governor Cuomo that the State of New York (you and I as taxpayers) would be giving Xerox (a profitable company) six million dollars in tax credits and grants to bring these jobs to Webster. This total, six million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars equals $12,500.00 per job in government subsides to come here to Webster to work.


On top of that, these jobs, from what I hear, are going to be at a starting pay of $ 11.00 per hour or $ 440.00 per week before income taxes are taken out. I do not know if these call center jobs include health care and retirement benefits from Xerox, but it seems highly unlikely that they do when we continue to hear how they are cutting benefits yearly from their current work force.


What is driving me crazy here is that the State of New York and Monroe County gave away $6.2 million in taxpayer’s money to hire employees at a profitable company when the two main roads leading into Webster, Route 104 and Route 404 are a disgrace to drive on.


This is especially maddening when years have passed and the State of New York continues to tell the Town of Webster, directly and through our State Senator and State Assemblymen offices, that they have no money to fix Route 404 or Route 104 through the Town of Webster. However, out of the clear blue sky, they manage to find a $6 million tax subsidy to Xerox to hire 500 employees. To me this just does not make sense. What about the residents in this town that have to drive on these deplorable roads each and every day here supported and maintained by New York State?


The failure over the past decade by New York State to not fix Route 404 with the sizable increase in population here in Webster, noted in this past years census figures, has not only lead to businesses not wanting to move to Webster, it also has lead to loss of jobs without tax subsidies also not coming to Webster.


There have been many requests over the years to the state from my office, the Chamber of Commence, the Webster Case for Business, local business owners, WCCED, the Village and the BID about these roads; all have fallen on deaf ears from the state. However, Xerox calls the state and the state legislator’s and we suddenly have six million dollars within a week. These decisions by our state government officials are really difficult to understand.


I just can’t help to think to myself that sometimes the State of New York has its priorities backwards in regards on how to appropriate taxpayer’s monies. What do you think?


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Ronald W. Nesbitt

Webster Town Supervisor