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Dec 20

It's Snow Time!

Posted on December 20, 2010 at 3:24 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

It’s Snow Time!
by Joe Herbst, Superintendent of Highways

As the snow machine turns on its magic this time of year, Webster becomes unique from the rest of Monroe County. As 18 other towns typically may be covered by sunshine, we are covered by clouds and continual snow. Trucks come in from the salt mines and each of the drivers elaborates on how their drive was “snow-less” until they got to the Bay Bridge.

As 2:00 AM comes around and the phone rings for yet another round of plowing, 19 trucks roll out to clear the roads by the morning commute. Another pass on the main roads before lunch and then a full sweep through town prior to the evening rush hour is the common practice.

The Highway Department continually updates our equipment and adjusts our mode of operations as weather conditions change by the hour. The objective is to provide the safest roads possible while being extremely conscientious of the environment and budget.

One of the more frustrating elements we face is the disruption of our efforts. I refer to independent plow contractors and selective residents who place the snow from their property or clients, back into the roads we just cleared of snow. Our drivers take pride in their jobs as do I. This is becoming more commonplace and it is counterproductive to our operation. These actions create unsafe conditions for all users of the roads. Putting any snow in the road by any means is against the law and places all damages or injuries on those responsible for creating the situation. It’s tax dollars that generate the operations, it’s pride and dedication that sustain the efficiency. Please help us maintain safe roadways by keeping the snow on your own property.

Some additional tips for safer roads:
• Parking in the street can prove to be obstructive to our operations. Please abide by the Town Code and refrain from this activity as described. The code is readily available on the Town website ( under Chapter 210, Vehicles and Traffic, Article 1, §210-2.
• We use mailboxes as our guideline to where the roads edge may exist for plowing. Placing your garbage cans or recycle bins out ahead of your mailbox may prove to be a problem for your refuse provider as it probably won’t be readily available to them once the plow trucks have made their run.
• Our Highway plow trucks have to back up and turn around at almost every intersection. Giving them some room to operate and maneuver will only expedite the service we are providing to you. Please heed the signs on the back of the trucks and “Stay Back 100 Feet”.
In today’s accelerated society, we all have places to be and agendas to maintain on what seems to be a tighter timeline. The Highway’s objective is to provide the safest conditions we can. Having mutual goals and cooperation, assists us dramatically in obtaining those objectives together.

The Highway Department wishes you all a happy and travel-safe holiday season.

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