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Jan 03

Happy New Year!

Posted on January 3, 2011 at 11:23 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

A Busy Start to the New Year


Your town government is starting off the brand New Year with a busy agenda.


On Thursday, January 6th, the Webster Town Board will hold its yearly Organizational Meeting starting at 7:30 p.m. here at the Town Hall Board Room. For those of you who cannot personally attend, the meeting will be televised over Cable Channel 12.


The agenda will include the appointment, or in some cases the reappointment, of members to the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Conservation Board.


The Town Board will also establish its own meeting calendar for 2011 along with the holiday schedule for town employees this year. Town Board members will also be assigned as liaisons for the numerous town departments that they will represent.


There are some positions that serve at the pleasure of the Supervisor. I am pleased to announce that Kathleen Tanea will continue on as the Town of Webster’s Finance Director and Patti Ann Schultz will remain Assistant to the Supervisor.  Deputy Town Supervisor William Rampe will be reappointed to that key position for another year; Bill will act on my behalf when I am either out-of-town on business or on vacation. 


Currently, there is a vacancy on the Town Board resulting from the election last year of Mark Johns as a member of the New York State Assembly. Mr. Johns officially resigned from the Webster Town Board last month, so now the Board will be looking to fill that position.


New Town Web Page Up and Running


If you have not had the opportunity to visit the town’s new web page, I hope you will take the time to do so at  or just use a search engine (Google or Yahoo) and type in Town of Webster New York. If you have any questions, recommendations, or questions about the new web page, we would like to hear from you.


As always, I welcome any questions that you may have about town government. Please contact me during regular office hours at (585)872-7068; or you can email me anytime at


Ronald W. Nesbitt

Webster Town Supervisor