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Feb 11

Relay for Life Coming to Webster in June

Posted on February 11, 2013 at 2:16 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

The American Cancer Society’s Annual Relay for Life is being held on Saturday, June 1, 2013.  The event will begin at 6:00 p.m. and is being held at Webster Thomas High School, 800 Five Mile Line Road. The date for the relay will be the start of this year’s event where many teams and individual participants will set up camp for an all night walk with friends and others.

You can check out the web site  for current status including top teams and fundraisers for ideas. It would be great to see the Webster community involved with many different teams as to make this year’s event a huge success for fighting cancer. Remember the journey to end cancer starts with a single step and I know the Webster community will step up to the plate and support this year’s Relay for Life.

The event organizer is Robyn Whittaker who works tirelessly at setting up this event. Director of Special events from the American Cancer Society is Laurie Stevens who can be reached at with questions about the event.

As someone who knows a little bit about cancer and the great success you can have when treated early, I urge the Village, Town, School District to get behind this worthwhile effort to stamp out this disease.

Pension Fund Relief---by borrowing---NO Way for this Town Board

The latest by Governor Cuomo to the pension fund crisis is that he proposed a plan that would let local governments and schools realize expected savings in the coming ten to fifteen years by borrowing now from the state retirement fund.

All this would do is put the future payments on the backs of our kids and grandkids without ever knowing if those savings will materialize in future years. Instead of dealing with the pension crisis that we have right now, all the Governor is doing is “kicking the can” down the road into the future when others will have to deal with the shortage of money.

Tier six which he introduced a year ago is not getting the job done because no one is hiring in New York State.  We need real leadership right now on this very important issue that is at the brink of bankrupting so many local governments and school districts throughout the state.

We need employees in the New State Retirement System to continue to pay into the system the whole time they are in the plan. This nonsense that you stop paying into the plan after ten years of service and receive a full pension at retirement is what caused the problem to begin with.

The Webster Town Board has absolutely no plans to borrow from the retirement system to pay our bills so that the future bill is on the backs of our grandkids. We fully expect to continue to pay our bills as we go forward as to not burden the future of the town and our residents and the next generations of kids.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt