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Apr 08

NYS – Recycling the Same ol’ Ideas

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 11:41 AM by PattiAnn Schultz

Upon my return from a week of rest and relaxation, I was glad to see the State Budget was passed on time. I was also excited to hear that I might get a $350.00 rebate check in the coming year. After further exploring the details of this $350.00 rebate check program, my excitement changed to outrage. This rebate check program from the State is nothing short “of an enticement to vote for State representatives in November of 2014.” From what I understand, if you make $40,000 to $300,000 and you have a child at home 17 years old and younger, you get this rebate check. I must ask our State representatives what kind of discriminatory or bias action against the people is this? How in the world does this make any sense at all?

If you have no children at home are your bills any less?  Our State representatives have not done anything to take care of the debt that each man, women, or child owes the State of New York. That number currently stands at over $15,000 per resident of the State, but we are able to give away $350.00 rebate checks. Does this at all make sense to the sensible working person trying to make a living here in New York State?

However, just wait until October, 2014 when your Senate and Assembly representatives will be sending out materials, paid for by you the taxpayer, that explains how they worked so hard to get you this rebate check and please vote for them in November, 2014.

On top of that I learned that the Webster Central School District is to receive over $4 million more in state aid than in previous years. I truly hope that the Board of Education has the Webster resident’s checkbook in mind this year. These new funds could reduce the tax rate we all pay here in Webster instead of adding new programs to the district along with larger salaries that will eat up that $4 million. What do you think will happen with the gift of $4 million from the state?

I find it amazing that the Town of Webster gets very little State aid and that amount has been decreasing each year while the town continues to balance its budget. The town also continues to fund the administration of the STAR and Enhanced STAR programs, both a direct contribution to the Webster Central School District and not the Town of Webster, without compensation from either the State or School District. Just this year the State Comptroller announced that these programs are riddled with up to $13 million in fraud because of inadequate oversight in place to protect the residents of New York State from fraud.

Well, it is good to be home from a short vacation to another state, but it is unfortunate to see that nothing has changed about the politics of living in New York State. It is the same old stuff just recycled from year to year with no new ideas about how to balance the state budget or ways to help out the local governments that are the backbone of this state.

Most likely, Governor Cuomo and New York State Senate and Assembly leaders will try and sell this latest tax-and-spend package as boosting New York State.  However, we all know better.

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Ronald W. Nesbitt