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Apr 15

Outsourcing Lawn Mowing

Posted on April 15, 2013 at 1:53 PM by PattiAnn Schultz

As has been the Town Boards custom before each budget cycle in June, we have been looking at ways to cut expenses within our budget. This year Councilman Randy Nelson and Parks and Recreation Commissioner Mark Yeager took a long hard look at what we were spending cutting grass from April through October here in Webster. We looked at the grounds of all our buildings and Open Space that needs to be mowed, as well as all of the parks that we presently have in town. We also included the ball fields that thousand of kids play on each year.

 We took the cost associated with hiring around seventeen employees during these months; wages, FICA, Medicare, workers comp, insurance, unemployment insurance during the winter months, plus all the costs associated with buying equipment, gasoline, materials and repairs.

After months of graphs and charts, Randy and Mark presented a proposal to the Town Board that it might be possible for the town to save money if we where to hire outside contractors to cut our grass in the spring and summer months. The next step in the process was to go out to bid to see what someone would charge the town to do this work.  After going through the bidding process and having several different companies bid on cutting the grass,  we found that outsourcing this service could save the taxpayers around $75,000.00 per year.

The Town Board decided to hire the low bid company to cut our grass this year to see how that works out and the savings to the town. The savings also is a decision on how the weather is this year and how many times the company has to cut the grass. For example: double cuts within a week will cost more and no cuts when the weather is really hot may work out be to less cuts in service. As you can see right now the April weather has not been that good and no cuts have been performed yet thus no payments are made. Last year this would have been a different story since spring arrived early in March.

As a Board we also decided to not sell the current lawn care equipment we have this year and wait until after a year to re-evaluate the program and cost savings. Next winter the Town Board will then gather the information and again make an informed decision on whether or not to continue on with this program and then sell off the current equipment we have.

We continue to work to cut expenses within the town budget to always achieve the lowest tax rate we can for our residents

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Ronald W. Nesbitt