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Local Limits
Walter W. Bradley Pollution Control Facility Local Limits

The following are the local limits as applied to the discharge of wastewater to the Town of Webster's wastewater treatment plant and sanitary sewer system.  For industries subject to Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards, discharge limits shall be as per the Code of Federal Regulations Title 40, however, in all cases the lowest applicable limit shall be the point of enforcement.

Permitted Toxic Substances and Levels of Concentration

Substance                 24 hour average (mg/L)        30 Day Average (mg/L)

Arsenic (As)                       1.0                                           0.5

Barium (Ba)                        4.0                                           2.0

Cadmium (Cd)                     0.8                                           0.4

Chromium, Total (Cr)           1.60                                         0.80

Cyanide, Total (CN)             3.0                                           1.5

Cyanide, Free (CN)              1.0                                           0.50

Dissolved Copper (Cu)          1.6                                           0.80

Iron (Fe)                           10.0                                          5.0

Lead (Pb)                           1.0                                          0.50

Manganese (Mn)                 8.0                                           4.0

Nickel (Ni)                          2.0                                           1.0

Selenium (Se)                     4.0                                           2.0

Soluble Silver (Ag)               2.0                                           1.0

Zinc (Zn)                           4.0                                           2.0

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