Leaf Pick-Up


Leaf pick-up truck and equipment

The Highway Department offers fall leaf pick-up. We start on the west side of town heading east and will make as many passes through town as possible during the leaf pick-up operation, weather permitting. There is no set schedule for particular streets throughout the town. Leaf season typically runs six weeks and start and finish dates vary based on actual leaf drop.  

Leaf Pick-up Season updates

About Pick-Ups:

To view the Leaf Pick-up Zone Map: PDF LINK

Please be patient with us during this process, as leaves do not all fall at once, and we never know what to expect for our weather conditions.

  • Make sure leaves are on the edge of the road and not in the road or gutter

  • Rake only leaves (and not twigs or branches) to the road's edge

Placing leaves in the road or gutter significantly slows down the entire operation. It is against the law to place leaves or any debris in the road.

For More Information:

We appreciate your patience throughout the leaf pick-up season. For questions or concerns, please contact the Highway Department at (585) 872-1443.

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