Peddler's License


Peddlers are asked to display the permit on their person, in a visible manner when soliciting. They cannot say it is with their boss, or they forgot, or that it is in their car. If a peddler is found to be soliciting without a permit, you are encouraged to report the solicitor to the Webster Police by calling 9-1-1, especially if you fear for your personal safety or are suspicious of the activity. It is most helpful if you have the company name and the name of the individual, nature of business, and type of vehicle. If possible, please try to obtain any literature or brochures offered, as this will assist an investigation. Also, please notify the Town Clerk’s Office if you had a negative experience with a licensed solicitor. A permit can be revoked if the behavior is in violation of the Town Code.

The Town Clerk's Office maintains a listing of all current licensed peddlers. 

As of 9/20/2021 the following individuals are licensed in the Town of Webster:



Permit Issue Date

Permit Expiration Date





Fox Pest Control

Bracken Willie



Fox Pest Control

Bill Money



Fox Pest Control

Dawson Law



Solar on Earth

Raji El-Amin



Solar on Earth

Tysheen Roundtree




Any person who wishes to act as a hawker, peddler or solicitor within the Town of Webster must obtain a Peddler’s Permit from the Town Clerk’s Office prior to engaging in soliciting door-to-door. Non-profit organizations* or religious organizations distributing information, and political parties who are campaigning, are exempt from obtaining a peddler’s permit.

Peddling is governed in Webster by local law. The Town and Village have separate laws for peddling and soliciting within their boundaries.

In the Town (outside the Village), each person going door-to-door must have his/her own individual permit issued by the Town. Currently, the permit is yellow and about the size of a business card, with the signature of the Town Clerk, and the person peddling or soliciting.

*Non-profit organizations soliciting memberships and/or contributions MUST apply for a peddler's permit in the Town Clerk's   Office  before going  door-to-door.


To obtain a peddler’s permit in the Town of Webster, an applicant must complete an application and apply in person at the Town Clerk’s Office. The non-refundable application fees are $100.00 for each company and $75.00 for each individual who will be soliciting for that company and must be paid at the time of application. The permit is good for a 3 month period, and, upon approval can be extended for $30.00 for each additional consecutive month per person.  There is a $50.00 charge to replace lost permits.

When an application is submitted and before it can be processed, a police background check* from the applicant’s current municipality where they reside, is required. Additionally, there is a waiting period after applying for the permit while a background check is completed by the Webster Police Department.

*Background Check from the town where applicant resides must accompany this application & must have been obtained within six (6) months of the date of application. If less than two (2) years at current address, the Town Clerk reserves the right to request additional background check.