Collection System

The Town of Webster's Collection system consists of 21 pump stations, and approximately 290 miles of sewer pipe.

Sewer pipes need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the accumulation of grime on their walls and grit and debris. When this is allowed to build up, a pipe's flow is reduced and the chance of cracks and leaks increases. Recently, the Town of Webster purchased a Camel jetter-vac truck. This machine will be making its rounds throughout the Town cleaning each sewer pipe every three years. Pipes requiring special attention are visited more frequently. The Camel cleans each pipe by blasting jets of water onto the grime from an angle that propels the grime out of the pipe into the pipe's manhole. Once it settles into the manhole, the Camel's vacuum removes grime so it can be properly disposed of. By doing this on a regular basis it will prevent pipeline damage and reduce the need for costly infrastructure repair