pbo1x009.jpgEveryday, unwanted or expired medicine is disposed of via indoor drains—down the sink or in the toilet. Antibiotics, antidepressants and hormone medications are found in waterways nationwide. While scientists worldwide study the potential impacts on humans and marine life, action by residents and businesses will
minimize these impacts.

The Town of Webster Wastewater Treatment Plant is seeking to reduce the amount of prescription or over the counter drugs disposed of in wastewater. That’s because wastewater treatment plants are designed to remove conventional pollutants, such as human wastes and other biodegradable organic materials, from waters. They were not designed to remove even low concentrations of synthetic pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals.

The best choice for environmentally-friendly disposal is to take unwanted medicine to a collection location or return them to the pharmacy. The Town of Webster holds two pharmaceutical collections each year one in the spring and fall. If you have any questions please call 585-265-0505.