Sandbag Distribution

Sandbag Assistance Requests:

If you require assistance with placing sandbags on your property, you can request help from the Town.

Priority will be given first to residents who receive disability assistance and/or Senior STAR Exemption.

To request assistance for sandbag placement on your property, please complete the online form:

Sandbag Assistance Request Form

To Request Sandbags:

Please complete the Sandbag Request Form and bring it to the Webster Highway Department.  The form will need to be reviewed by our staff, to ensure no waivers are required.  

Webster Highway Dept. Office:
1005 Picture Pkwy.
Phone: (585) 872-1443

Sandbag Request Form:

US Army Corps of Engineers:

Flood Fighting Techniques Brochure: /DocumentCenter/View/3882/Flood-Fighting-Booklet