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Posted on: January 30, 2019

Wastewater Treatment Plant Update

To all Webster Residents: the Town of Webster Wastewater Treatment Plant is asking for your help in solving a growing problem within our town which is causing major repairs to motors and pumps within our wastewater collection system.

While Baby Wipes, and Cleaning Wipes all state on their packaging that they are safe and flushable, the truth is that they DO NOT disintegrate or break down in our wastewater piping system.

These wipes get trapped on the inside of the piping at one of the 22 pump stations, or get caught in the pumps, which waste passes through on the way to the Phillips Road Treatment Plant. These wipes then collect in the pumps, causing the pumps to overheat and the motors to malfunction in the deep wells of the pump stations. When the pumps get clogged there is a chance that the sewage will back up into nearby homes.

This then creates an emergency situation, where we need to remove the rags/wipes, damaged pump, and bypass the pump station for a period of time until the pumps are fixed or new ones are purchased. Emergencies like this come at a significant cost to the sewer budget. These breakdowns can happen after hours, which is also another cost added to the repair bill.

We recently had to repair two pumps in the pump station located in the Beverly Drive area, which were only three months old. The wear and tear on these pumps can be costly, and time consuming to repair. Thus, anything we can do to keep the system running smoothly is essential, and residents are key to that success.

We ask that residents please be mindful of what you are putting into your home plumbing system.  Please do NOT put any type of “disposable” wipes, diapers, rags/towels, feminine hygiene products, or non-flushable paper products into the wastewater (toilet) system.

Thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter!


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